Digital Accessibility,
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This screenshot shows a web browser window with the Equalify app. On the left of the screenshot window is a panel that lists options to see active, qualified, ignored, or all alerts. There is also an errors, warnings, and notices tab with the option to add a label. Below those labels are a scan, sites, and integrations option. The main content area of the screenshotted window shows active alerts with various examples of active alerts.

Equalify offers customizable accessibility dashboards. From domain discovery to automated testing and manual checks, Equalify simplifies how you manage website accessibility.

A Framework for Customization

Equalify manages your digital accessibility program. Work with us to build reports, simplify remediation tasks, and create a platform to meet your accessibility goals.

A11Y-First Design

Accessibility is vital to organizations that manage many sites. That’s why Equalify is built, first and foremost, to promote web accessibility.

Open Source

Equalify is an open-source project. We can tackle problems with a community of passionate collaborators by being open-source.

Extendible Integrations

We support major WebOps that you depend on to manage your site. Any integration is easily extended to meet the needs of your site network.

Customizable Reporting

View alerts over time, prioritize certain websites and compare data from different web services that are the lifeline for your digital estate.

Property-Wide Scans

Scan thousands of website pages, PDFs, and other digital properties for issues you care about.

Well-recorded History

When you solve an accessibility problem, Equalify records that win. Historical data is kept safe within single-tenant architecture.

How Equalify Works

Monitor thousands of sites in minutes. Equalify is built to manage all of your websites from one dashboard.

The number one in a circle.

Add every digital asset.

There is no limit on the number of sites you can add. Equalify will scan WordPress sites, PDFs, XML sitemaps, and single pages. In a few minutes, your digital assets are safely in Equalify.

The number two in a circle.

Activate integrations.

From WCAG scores to hosting services, Equalify integrates with all the internet’s WebOps. That means your alerts, reporting, and remediation is centralized within one dashboard.

The number three in a circle.

Scan sites.

Launch a scan, then go make a cup of coffee. Equalify reports on data around every active integration.

The number four in a circle.

Monitor for magic.

Equalify reports on every alert from your active integrations. You can also build automated enforcement that ensures every digital asset is Equalified.

Open Source = Better Solutions

Equalify is an Open Source project. Why? Open Source projects solve problems for more users than proprietary apps can.

Request Access

Equalify invites select users to try our service before our public release.