Open Source Tools

Support Every Aspect of Accessibility with Open Source


We’ve assembled a list of tools that can help you at every stage of your accessibility journey. These tools and learning resources are free (free as in free speech) and open for anyone to use and update. If you have any questions or other tools we should watch, feel free to contact me on Twitter (@bbertucc) or via email (

Developer Tools

  • axe-core: One of the most accurate automated scanning solutions. (Remember that automated tests only detect a small amount of accessibility errors!)
  • pa11y: CLI-focused automated testing. Note: The project development has slowed and I highly encourage devs to fork and use.
  • npm alt-text: Check for unhelpful alt-text via this npm Node module.


WordPress Plugins

Maintain accessibility from a single WordPress Install using the following tools:

  • WP Accessibility: This fixes many known accessibility issues with WordPress. Every WP installation should include this plugin! It is maintained by the leading accessibility practitioner in the WordPress community.
  • Editora11y Plugin: Like an accessibility spell checker. See accessibility errors as you develop your content.
  • Equalize Accessibility Checker: This plugin includes many automated accessibility tests you can perform on your WordPress site. (Note: Automated tests won’t detect all accessibility errors.)

Drupal Modules

  • Editora11y Module: Like the WordPress plugin, but built to find accessibility errors with CKEditor.
  • Accessibility Scanner: Sitewide accessibility scanner using the axe-core automated testing system. (Note: Automated tests won’t detect all accessibility errors.)
  • High Contrast Module: Quickly make your Drupal support high-contrast colors


  • VeraPDF: Check for PDF UA compliance. (Note: Automated tests won’t detect all accessibility errors.)
  • AccessODF: Accessibility checker for Open Office/Libre Documents.
  • ODT2Daisy: An OpenOffice/LibreOffice extension for exporting DAISY books from word processing documents.
  • ODT2Braille: An OpenOffice/LibreOffice for converting word processing documents into Braille.

For Users / User Testing

  • NVDA – Screen reader software available for PCs running Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 and later.
  • AsTeRICS – Open tech to create assistive devices like joysticks and eye trackers.

Additional Resources

  • CivicActions Tools and Resources: Lots more tools, with a bent toward Drupal tools, and training docs to maintain web accessibility.
  • UK Gov Dos and Donts: Simple learning resources to get a quick understanding of how to maintain web accessibility.
  • WCAG-EM: Easy-to-use guide through manually testing web accessibility, including a tool to generate WCAG conformance reports.

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